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Friday, May 11, 2012

Moooove over meat, big changes are coming!

I'm Texan y'all, born and raised.  I grew up watching John Wayne in The Alamo with my dad and have visited the little mission in person more times than I can count.  I love our flag, Sam Houston's giant head statue outside of Huntsville, yellow roses and bluebonnets.  Anyone that's been over to my home can't miss the fact that I love this great state...

My sister and I at the state line

Now this isn't true of all Texans but for me growing up here means that I also love beef.  Granted, we don't eat steak every night (I wish!) but I grew up in a meat eating family.  In fact, I like to call it the Luby's Cafeteria mentality which means we eat meat, 2 sides, a roll and a big glass of sweet tea.  I have struggled with vegetables my entire existence.  I don't dislike them all but they are definately an afterthought when it comes to dinner.  I spend great amounts of time planning my main dishes or casseroles and then will typically throw a bag of steamed green beans on the plate just to round it out.  All of this is about to change because beginning next week for 2 weeks I am going vegeterian! I know, I'm kind of shocked myself.   I promise this isn't a political statement but strictly an effort to amp up our vegetable intake, try new recipes and learn to appreciate and start thinking about vegetables more than I do my main dish.  I have talked to a friend that studied nutrition and gotten some great feedback and recipes from her which I will share over the next weeks. 
This is probably going to be more challenging than it sounds so I would love to hear from you too if you have any veggie recipes or if there's a vegetable you think I may have never tried and would love.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my mother's day weekend which will include some meat eating before I begin my new challenge! 

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  1. my biggest piece of advice is make sure you are getting plenty of plant-based protein or else you will be riding on the carb train which is never a good thing. you will do great and i will be cheering you on the whole way :)