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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

About to call it a day....

I can barely see through the tears to type this and quite honestly this may be the last time I weigh in and post for a while.  I weighed in yesterday at 184.8 but this morning for whatever reason I was greeted with this horrible number:

really? I find it hard to believe I gained over 2 pounds of fat in a day.  What really angers me is the fact I went out to eat last night with friends at a Mexican food restaurant where I ate shrimp and squash and one tiny tortilla chip.  If I knew I was going to gain over 2 pounds in a night I would have eaten the basket of dadgum chips!

Angry, defeated, frustrated, sad, completely HUMILIATED in front of all of y'all right now.


P.S. If I thought it wouldn't wake up my husband and son I'd hurl this scale through a window out onto the street for someone to run over.


  1. Don't get discouraged my friend!! It is probably just a little water weight. No matter what you ate at a mexican resturant, that food is loaded with sodium. Give it time, it will come off again. Just remember to drink a lot of water today! You are doing great!

  2. Keep it up Steph. You can do it!!! I agree with Amie it is probably just the sodium from the Mexican. You are right there is no way you can gain that much fat in a day. Sometimes the scale on a given day really isn't a true reflection of what our body is doing. Just remember that you said your shirt was too big and focus on that today and how God can use this moment even though it sucks to remind us we are more than a number on a scale. We were made for more. Hang in there friend. :)

  3. The other ladies are 100% right. Rejoice in all the wonderfully positive changes you've made!!! I know, it's easy for me to say that...hang in there. I'm more than proud of you. Be you & own you...we all love you, Steph.

  4. Hey, that could be the extra MUSCLES you have now from doing your workout while holding W! Right? Right?

    Don't give up, friend. We had a wonderful time last night. Think about all the people YOU brought together, and don't let this stupid NUMBER bring you down.

    Two good things about Steph: You are beautiful inside and out. You bring so much life and joy to the events you plan!

  5. Thanks ladies! Such sweet reminders and encouragement! I need it. :)

  6. dont get upset. as another struggling mom in the weight area, i feel your pain. i know we havent made a play date, but maybe we can start a walking/workout group too!!!!

  7. you are doing great. everything has it's ups and downs. there will be an up just around the corner. stick with it and you will see the difference. if there is anything i can do to help, i am always a phone call/text/facebook message away ;)