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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dishing up dessert

It's that time of the day when my mind wanders towards sweet lovelies called dessert.  Fine, I think about dessert all day but tonight I really really wanted tiramisu.  Holy heavens, it's the greatest dessert of all time and I hate to encourage anyone out there who hasn't ever tried it to go out and do so because it's calorie and fat packed!  Since I have drastically changed my diet I didn't think it wise to plunge into a 500 calorie/30 fat gram dessert because I'd be crying to you all in the morning about it.  Fortunately, I have an old easy standby for when such cravings come knocking at my sweet tooth door. 

First, you need to go to Central Market because they have an awesome playground that your husband and child(ren) can play on while you go and purchase a pack of these...

Second, race home, bathe your kid(s), read Chicka Chicka Boom to them 3 times, put them in bed and start assembling your dessert while watching Hoarders.  All you need is leftover coffee from this morning, some fat free whip cream, a dash of vanilla and sprinkling of cinnamon and you will have an awesome low fat and low calorie dessert!

I hope you try it and enjoy every spoonful of cinnamony coffee goodness just as much as I did!


4 lady fingers
leftover coffee about 1/4 a cup
4 T of fat free whip cream
capful of vanilla
sprinkling of cinnamon


Soak the lady finger cookies in the coffee as long as you like.  I personally like a little crisp to mine and do not like them soggy so I literally dunk them in the coffee, turning once and then I remove them and put them in a little glass.  Next, take the whip cream and stir in vanilla.  Top lady fingers with whip cream and sprinkle with cinnamon! So easy!

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