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I am a small town girl living the big city life with my superhero hubby and our superhero- in-training son! I love Jesus and junior mints and have a secret addiction to Neil Diamond and Cat Steven's music. I love a good theme party, the smell of pretty stationary, a good book and a glass of ice tea with an orange slice in it. I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Black Rain Clouds & Sonic Onion Rings

I smiled as I fought through the tears this morning saying good bye to my friend and assuring her that "We'll be OK, W is just in a mood".   Our lovely play date was quickly terminated after a massive meltdown by my son for not getting his own way (he wanted to wash his hands and leave the water running).   Timeouts just never seem to work as well in other people's homes so we left.  Tears were streaming down my face as I drove off,  I got angry inside.  It's difficult being a mom, we crave adult interaction and play dates don't even provide great conversation but we take what we can get.  Discussing life's joys and struggles intermittently between cries for "help" with a toy or reminding our little ones to "share" is really hard so when things didn't go as planned this morning I got upset in my heart.  For an emotional eater like me it's just disaster when the little black rain clouds of life set in.  When I say emotional eater I don't mean only when I'm sad.  I'm a happy girl most of the time so I eat when I celebrate birthdays, job promotions, someone else's kid tinkles on the potty and yes, I have been known to celebrate my own weight loss by eating a bowl of ice cream!  I eat when I'm stressed or anxious, frustrated or sad.  You pick an emotion and I can pair a food to go right along with it.  So the fact that the Sonic sits on the corner of this red light I'm stopped at is not a good thing. I think,  I really need some onion rings, this morning has been terrible and the way my child is acting who knows if I'll get to eat lunch! W woke up giving me the stink eye because he got cheesy eggs instead of the pancakes he cried for so passionately and I can already tell what the rest of the day will look like so I need those onion rings.  As I sat at the green light (yes, it had turned green by this point) I just exhaled and KEPT ON DRIVING! It's such a small victory y'all but I could hear all of my support system out there cheering me on and more importantly I could hear my heavenly Father whisper "lean on me".  I know I won't always make the best choices and it wasn't easy to keep on driving but for today, for now, I am celebrating a little baby step of victory while W wails in background for pancakes (not kidding, he's actually doing this).  


  1. LOVED this post! I think anyone who is an emotional eater has been there and DONE that...except the rest of usually go ahead and stop. (Thanks for the craving, btw, lol.)

    VERY proud of you...will continue to read and follow your journey. I can tell already you are going to be an inspiration.

  2. Great Job! I'm just a plain eater and I don't have to have any emotion to just do it!

  3. Way to go!! You sound like me! I have an hour and half before my husband drags me to the gym. I have to psych myself up for it. However, I feel good about the grocery trip I just made. There were so many temptations and I passed them all up. I thought of healthy alternatives to some of our fave foods for dinner. For example, we eat (or used to eat) a LOT of pizza. So I bought some whole wheat pizza crust and we are going to make our own healthy pizzas tonight for dinner. Only 8-10 min in the oven, not the 30+ minute wait we are used to! Win-Win situation if you ask me! Keep up the good work, Steph!