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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brown Paper Packages and Confessions of a Former Working Woman

After my workout this morning I came home and did some organizing and then went to pick up W from mother's day out.  I thought I would grab a quick bite at the local Subway but the line was out the door.  Disheartened and starving I noticed a Great Outdoors sandwich shop near my son's school..with a drive through!  I adored the fact that my  lovely turkey sandwich on wheat was wrapped in brown paper and did you know they have the Weight Watcher points on the healthy items of their menu? LOVED that! I'm a fan and will be going back.  Moving on to my BIG confession:
My superhero hubby and I at my work Holiday Gala in 2008

Some of my sweet former co-workers!

Me and my former co-worker Cheryl who is an inspiration! The woman is a cancer survivor!
I used to work in uptown as an admin at an architectural firm. I wore cute clothes that didn't have spit up or smeared cheeto stains on them, I got to dine at really cool places like Dragonfly at Hotel Za Za, tour amazing local hotels and drive around town listening to my own music and not a Veggie Tales CD.    I LOVED it because of the fantastic group of people I got to work with mainly, my fellow admins.  These ladies cheered me on during my 1st weight loss round when I turned 30 and watched me drop 70 pounds in the course of a year. They were there when I had a miscarriage very early on in a 1st pregnancy, they threw me a baby shower when I was pregnant with W, gave great wisdom and insight on so many life lessons and were what I considered true friends.  After leaving that job to stay at home and raise my son we would occasionally go to lunch together as a group but over time I have flaked out in staying in touch with them.  Here's the confession: I am embarrassed to go and see my old co-workers.  I actually wrote them today to tell them why I have not been faithful in my visits and that I am embarrassed of all the weight I put back on.  My own insecurities have inhibited me from continuing those relationships and even though I knew the relationships would change once I decided to stay home,  I have flat out avoided going to see them for the past year.   So today through many tears,  I released that burden and told those girls I want to get together!  It sounds so extremely silly doesn't it? I have always considered myself a good friend but I have let my own insecurity about weight get in the way of really amazing friends.  My take away from facing this lesson head on is that it doesn't matter what others say about me or if I don't lose a pound.  Christ has given me freedom in Him so whether I am 200 pounds or 138 I am still Stephanie and I don't need to let my insecurities inhibit my relationships and how I live life.  Easier said than done but that's why I'm taking it one day at a time.


  1. I do love you Steph so much!!! I'm rooting for you and will hopefully get the same in return when I don't have to be on all of these steroids any longer...they have earned me 33 lbs...ugh!!!!! You know my struggle and it is a DAILY struggle...thank God for His infinite mercy and grace and thank God we can take it ONE day at a time!!!!!

  2. You lost 70 lbs in a year?! That's awesome! It shows you have the dedication and can definitely do it again!

  3. Steph, thanks for your no-holds barred HONESTY! We are all insecure about our weight struggles, and you can look around and guess which ones of us have lost count of how many diets we put our hope in. I know that God knows my desires and heart, and still I get discouraged and cry out to Him again! So thankful that you shared!