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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chocolate Is This Mom's Best Friend...Not Diamonds

I can't wear my wedding and engagement rings.  In fact, every time someone says "Oh I love your wedding ring" I wince with pain due to the fact it's borrowed from my mom's jewelry box.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to thank someone for the compliment and then explain that I actually cannot wear my rings since giving birth...over two years ago?  My sweet superhero hubby got on one knee and asked me to share his life so you can imagine the incredible guilt I carry at not being able to wear them.  It's a constant source of shame for me and even though he and everyone else says "just get them resized" I absolutely refuse.  I think if I resize those rings I am admitting defeat and I just cannot do that right now.  When I do wear the borrowed ring my son will tug at it and ask what it is to which I respond that it is a promise between daddy and me.  I really want to be able to wear that promise so I have them displayed currently in the kitchen hanging on a chain near the fridge in hopes of warding off the temptations that so frequent my days.
Today's afternoon temptation will be the ginormous box of chocolate covered white cream candies my well meaning hubby purchased on sale at the grocery store this weekend.  I wish I could be the woman who loves a good carrot but y'all....that is just never going to be who I am.  I hate carrots.  I hate ranch dressing even more so please don't tell me to just drown all raw veggies in low fat ranch because I will gag.  The chocolates will be making an appearance at my husband's workplace tomorrow so I will not have to continue to stare them down and will myself to walk away with an apple. I believe I can make it through today though as the rings are right beside the chocolate and for now I want the rings more than the chocolate.


  1. Love this Steph! I'll be praying for you during this endeavor to loset the weight!

  2. Steph, I'm proud of you!

  3. Steph, I was in the exact same situation a few years ago. My wedding ring was on my finger, though, and no way to get it off (except to ruin it). You could see the skin (&fat) surrounding my ring. Embarrassing! Anyway, I totally support you! I ordered the P90X series of videos because going to the gym was so unpredictable for me, but naptime & bedtime for my little ones was much more predictable, so I worked out at home! You can totally do this, Steph!!! Here's to you, girl!!!

  4. I love that you have your rings next to your chocolate. What a great way to motivate yourself and ward off temptation! You've got this!!

  5. I love that idea, too! What a great reminder of what you are working towards.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement mommas! That chocolate was packed along with my hubby's lunch this morning to tote to work! It was difficult, I needed one last sniff of chocolate before I parted with it but I have the end goal in mind!!