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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweating the small stuff

*Warning* The following contains some whining but it's either write it all out for the "world" to see or go eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies.  I chose to whine online.

This morning was difficult.  It wasn't a bad morning by any means, we were all just worn out from hosting a party last night and getting in bed later than normal.  I wasn't in the mood to do anything other than eat my yogurt and zone out while "W" watched his morning Wiggles episode.  There was however that little tiny voice whispering to me that I needed to work out, not only for weight loss goals but because it would definately wake me up and help me function the rest of the day.  So I wrestled pants and a shirt on my son, got our waters and snacks together and pulled out of the garage singing "This Old Man".

We park at the gym, I get us unloaded and inside where I proceed to sign in while holding our waters, my purse and 30 pounds of "W".  Signing in at the gym is like something out of Mission Impossible for me.  Once I have accepted the mission to work out and arrive at the gym I must enter a code, scan a finger and remember to get a towel which doesn't sound challenging but try holding a monkey the next time you do this and you'll see my point. What's that? Put him down while I sign in? *laughs uncontrollably at that ridiculous statement*  Moving on.  Since I'm holding ice waters my hands are always wet and it usually takes a couple of tries for my finger to scan.  Once I pass that zone I then have to take "W" to the kid's area and sign in using 31 forms of identification (not really, just 1 but it's hard to dig in a wallet for the license while holding a wiggly toddler who doesn't want to be dropped off in the first place) and then sign in.

Oh but we didn't even make it into the kid's area today.  As I round the corner excited about 30 minutes of precious me time I notice a line of moms and kids outside the kid's area.  Completely full.  No room.  They are bringing in another teacher but it would be several minutes and there were already quite a few ahead of us which meant no guarantee we'd be in anytime soon.  Shoulders slumped, tears forming quickly I turned on my heel and headed back to our car.  I couldn't even get him buckled in his seat before I just started sobbing.  I'm not talking about a little cry of frustration, I'm talking about the kind of crying where you can't breathe and have to call your husband at work in order to calm you down (SO SORRY, HONEY!!).  I'm not sure why I reacted that way other than just having my heart set on something and it not working out.  I realize that is life and I know I can even work out later tonight...but I don't want to.  I want to spend time with my husband and eat dinner as a family not go back up to the smelly gym to work out. 

I took my son to the park.  We played in the mud, climbed hills and laughed.  We're at home now, playing in the yard and eating watermelon.  I guess there are worse things than not being able to work out this morning. 

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  1. Oh Steph...I totally get it...completely and totally get.