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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Funny fitness

It's raining today and with my recent gym debacle still fresh I just didn't have it in me to lug my son to go workout and face possible rejection again from the kid's area.   Since he was playing quite passionately in his room with jet planes and alphabet cards I decided it was a great time to do a video workout in the living room.  The following is a true account of what occurred.   None of the names or events have been changed to protect anyone and it's also not a complaint as I find the whole thing endearing.

When I began my workout the living room was completely picked up and therefore I had plenty of room to jump, kick and move around.   I was all of 7 minutes in when a sweet faced little boy came running in to hug my leg.  I hugged him back and got back to work.  "W" then decided to pour his water out onto the coffee table and smear it into a "beautiful rainbow" so I paused the video, got a rag and cleaned up the mess then I got back to work.  In the next 10 minutes he built a house out of blocks (in the same area that I was in) so I moved to the opposite side of the living room.  He then moved to that side and began hammering and drilling with one of his toys, threw all the Boggle letters from a game underneath my feet,  went and pulled a cookbook from a shelf (causing the other books to fall of course) and began reading it, then he decided that the cars would be best raced underneath my feet.  Going with the flow I just kept moving back and forth like a ping pong ball all over the living room along with him for a 30 minute workout.  Oh I talked to him and we counted our kicks and reached for the sky and I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard.  He's hilarious.  We have 1600 square feet in this house and he wants to be in the 4 to 6 feet that I am occupying. 

He is currently watching Blues Clues in his upside down chair because he had a really exhausting workout!

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