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Friday, June 22, 2012

I've got t-shirts yes I do, I've got t-shirts how bout you?

I've already shared some of my goals and desires for wanting to lose weight like being able to wear my wedding rings again, chase my son around and just be healthier.  But there's something lurking in my my closet that I haven't told you.  Another reason I would really like to get this weight off....

these t-shirts!

Oh there are a lot more than that but for the sake of not creating more laundry I just grabbed a handful.  Before my sweet "W" came into our lives my hubby and I traveled quite often taking awesome trips all over the great U S of A and everywhere we visited one of our "things" was to snag a t-shirt from that city as a souvenir.  It sounds so corny I know but everytime I'd pull on one of those soft cotton tees from Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles or whatever city I was instantly transported back and we'd say things like,  "remember when we saw the live minutemen reinactment outside of Lexington? or "remember the flying fish at Pike Place Market?".  Those tshirts were for me better than any scrapbook or photo album that we never look at.  Those shirts were every single great memory wrapped up in a trip with my sweetheart.  And I cannot fit in them...yet.

I'm hoping by next spring you'll see me sporting one of them and I'll tell you some random crazy story about the city we visited and how there was this one time in Tennessee we got lost and ended up in a different state on accident (N. Carolina) at a Biker Bar/Resort and had great burgers before finding our way back where we belonged (very true story).

Until then, I will just keep on running, walking, kickboxing, ab crunching towards my goals!

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