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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Grocery Game

We took W. to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History on Saturday and had a wonderful day there.  Inspired by the mock grocery store they have set up for littles and how much fun he had playing in it I came home with my wheels turning.
Having fun at the museum!

As we were coming home from church on Sunday I spotted a neighbor having a yard sale so I stopped by.  For $5 I bought a wooden 2 drawer filing cabinet that I knew would make a fabulous little grocery checkout for my boy.

I took out the drawers, turned it on its front, got some red and black paint and got to work.  Here is our finished product!

We still need a cash register and I'm in the process of making some currency with our faces on it but he has already had so much fun bagging his little groceries and talking about the different fruits and veggies.  We already had some plastic food and a shopping cart but I made a trip to our Dollar Tree for a few more play food items as well as some bright red bins to hold our groceries.  I also thought that their little green craft bags make the perfect grocery bags for our Super "W" Market! We also asked friends to donate any boxes or jars they were going to toss so we could stock our shelves and he loves looking at the different pictures on the boxes.

Half of our garage is dedicated to W's sensory activities so I just cleared the space some, put some fabric I had over his long art table for our market shelves and he has plenty of space to play! 

Well, I've got to get back to work.  I'm both checker and bagger at the Super W Market and my customer gets a little upset when I'm not at my post!


  1. you are a better mom than me-I would never go to that much trouble for play,=)