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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I don't have a thing to wear!

Y'all, I had the shopping blues on Saturday night...bad.  My superhero hubby is taking me to Dragonfly at Hotel Za Za (my favorite restaurant in this city) and I have shrunk (is shrunk a word?) out of my dressier outfits.  What woman wouldn't jump at the chance to go shop? This one. I've honestly never been much of a shoppy (is shoppy a word?) type gal, I don't take great pleasure in spending all day at a mall but when I was smaller I could at least walk in a store, snag a top and pants and check out without having to try anything on.  But I have to try things on now.

After looking in two of my favorite usual shopping spots I came out empty handed and on the verge of tears in public. The thing is I wasn't even feeling defeated about my size or how I looked so much as I couldn't even find something I wanted to try on!  I feel like a lot of the clothes in the stores are geared towards the super young and no offense, look hoochie (is hoochie a word?) OR they are geared towards older ladies and I'm just not ready for all elastic pants and matching velour outfits. I'm also not willing to spend a massive amount of my hubby's hard earned money on an outfit that I will shrink (shrink is definately a word!) out of in another 2 months so that also limits me to where I look.  And did y'all know that southwest prints are in? Apparently they are and I totally missed the memo but I saw them everywhere I went and I feel like I could just drape a saddleblanket on myself and call it a day.

After some extremely encouraging words from girlfriends I took a deep breath and tried again this afternoon. SCORE! I'm actually completely stoked now about Friday night, I found something that is classy and sparkly and I was thrilled that the pants I bought are a size 14! I was a size 18/20 at the beginning of this journey so my hard work is definately paying off. 

And so, I no longer have the shopping blues and cannot tell my hubby that I have absolutely nothing to wear and I'm happy about that.

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  1. "I feel like I could just drape a saddleblanket on myself and call it a day." So funny! I'm glad you found something sparkly, and I can't wait to see pictures!!