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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight loss to a "tea"

I recently watched an episode of Dr. Oz where he was answering audience health issues/questions from "A to Z".  During the course of the show he discussed weight loss issues and techniques and one of the things that caught my attention was the claim that drinking certain types of teas can help boost the metabolism and  help in the weight loss process.  I've done some more online research on the Dr. Oz website and last night made a trip to Central Market to purchase a few boxes of some of the teas that are suggested.

That tea is so light! It almost looks like water!

I am Texan which is almost southern which means we drink a lot of tea.  Since starting my weight loss journey I've given up sweet tea, artificial sweeteners and use either agave or honey if I need some sweet to my tea.  But I don't drink herbal teas so I'm making the switch just to see if there's any truth to the claim that drinking certain teas at certain times of day will help boost my metabolism.  I don't see that it can hurt and if nothing else I'm getting plenty of fluids and enjoying some really great glasses of tea...warm and iced! Here is a link to one of the articles I was reading along with tea suggestions:  Metabolism boosting teas

I decided to start simple with Oolong, White and Green teas but am thinking of also trying the Pu-erh tea because it is apparently a great weight loss tea.   I would love to hear from my friends and the types of tea you drink or recommend or any types of fat burning foods that have helped you so feel free to share.  In the meantime, I need another glass of tea because my son decided he wasn't interested in a nap today and I need a cool sip of happiness right about now.

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